Serving Haiti


We have partnered with Sport Disciple to help share the love of God in Haiti. Click here to learn more about Sport Disciple.

As often as we are able, we go to Haiti on mission trips to serve with Sport Disciple.

Jesus instructed His followers not only to share His love where they live but to take His truth and grace throughout the world. The particular part of the world God has led Anthem Church to focus on is Haiti. We wish we could take the gospel everywhere but we know we’ll be more effective if we focus our efforts in one location.

We’re excited to partner with Sport Disciple and to use soccer, weight lifting, and basketball to reach children. Through sports, they are able to share the good news of Jesus and provide meals.

why go to haiti?

Going on a mission trip to a country like Haiti is a life-changing experience. Haiti is among the poorest countries in the world, and as a result the Haitian people face many difficulties and challenges. It is good to set aside a week and dedicate it to be a blessing to people in such need.

Spending a week in Haiti is not only beneficial to those we serve but it is also beneficial to us. Getting outside our comfort zone helps us to grow in our faith. Seeing poverty and real need helps us to develop a proper perspective in regards to what truly matters. 

We recommend you take a step of faith and go on an international mission trip. You will be blessed.


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