greater things

OUR Vision

Jesus promised His disciples they would see and do greater things (Jn 1:50; 14:12). They would have a vital and significant role in fulfilling God's good plans in this world: spreading the good news of Jesus and bringing the love of God to bear upon the lives of others.

The vision for Anthem Church is to see and do GREATER THINGS. God has promised a brighter and better tomorrow, and we want a front row seat in seeing it come to fruition. But we are not spectators! We desire an active role in bringing about the greater things God has promised for Angier and the world. We are here to see and do GREATER THINGS for the glory of God and the good of others.

Our goal is to be a God-honoring, Jesus-imitating, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Kingdom-focused, gospel-centered, mission-minded, disciple-making, neighbor-loving, community-serving church.