Recommended Books

All Christians are called 1) to grow in their knowledge of the truth and 2) to be able teach God's truth to others. In other words, we are to be both a student and a teacher. We are to be both a disciple, as well as to disciple others. To help you to develop as a student and teacher of God's truth, we hope you'll take the time to read the books listed below.


  1. If you only have time to read one book, please read the Bible. The Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God. It is THE source of spiritual truth.
  2. Please recognize that any writing outside of the Bible is capable of possessing error. The authors below are conservative theologians/pastors who we respect. However, everything should always be measured against what the Bible says.

We pray God blesses your efforts to grow in the knowledge of His truth and to share that with others.

  • Knowing God

    by J. I. Packer

    Author: J. I. Packer

  • Systematic theology

    By Wayne Grudem

    Author: Wayne Grudem

  • Mere Christianity

    By C. S. Lewis

    Author: C. S. Lewis

  • Instruments in the redeemer's hands

    by Paul David Tripp

    Author: Paul David Tripp

  • the knowledge of the holy

    By A. W. Tozer

    Author: A. W. Tozer

  • The cross of christ

    By John Stott

    Author: John R. W. Stott

  • The Religious affections

    by Jonathan Edwards

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  • Jesus on leadership

    by C. Gene Wilkes

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  • The trellis & the vine

    by Colin Marshall

    and tony payne

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  • Spiritual disciplines for the christian life

    by Donald S. Whitney

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  • The Living Church

    By John STott

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  • Unceasing worship

    by harold m. Best

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